Monogram Scout Preps Cool Cooler Tote

Monogram Scout Preps Cool Cooler ToteMonogram Scout Preps Cool Cooler Tote

Okay everyone must have one of these bags!  One of my all time favorite!!!

H 14.5" x D 5.5" x W 15.5"

Preps Cool (preps kewl)v 1. Chill out, y'all - we finally made a 'cooler' version of the Pocket Rocket. 2. With a leatherette reinforced bottom and stylish pockets, three in the front and one in the back, nobody at the movie theatre will suspect that your chic bag holds a personal concession stand. 3. On that flat back pocket, we have a monogram idea for this cooler: 'MOMMY'S JUICE'.

no Monogram
Monogram add $5.00


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